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Pre-Production Issues [Sep. 7th, 2006|01:50 pm]
Stargate: Terra-15


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So, it's a week or two into this and I haven't lost interest. Good sign! The main issues at the moment are writing the treatment for the pilot episode, making the summery concise and casting Stepanik.

Issue#1 - The Treatment: I had originally decided that the pilot would be a two parter. I'm sure if this idea will stay, but I may still go with it because the Stargate does not become a huge issue until about the second or third episode. The pilot will focus very much on introducing our characters, and within their sub-plots, the Stargate will slowly come into play.

Another issue I'll tack in along with this is Spaceships. Everyone likes spaceships. The goal of Terra-15 is - like any SG team - to collect alien technology, but it will be for a slightly different purpose. I'm currently working with an idea of providing them with something of a Stargate equipped homebase, something like Atlantis.

Issue#2: The Summery: The summery has undergone more changes than my personal LJ layout. At first General Cartwright was a really evil nefarious guy who was out to punish Terra-15 for their mutiny against the government. It was even originally his base that they raided. I decided to make him more sympathetic because they need to have some friends somewhere, right? But he has the conflict of staying in good graces with his superiours, while secretly helping Terra-15.

Also, Terra-15 might not only be 4 shmoes out in space. There's an idea of General Cartwright providing them with a back-up team of sorts. Of course some will die, some will survive. The point is for our protagonists to not be entirely alone.

Issue#3: The Team Name: I had a hard time with this. I decided to go with Terra-15 to symbolize two things. One: Terra = Earth. A team for Earth, right? 15 = The number of their Sector. Basically, "Terra-15" amounts to "Earth Team from Sector Fifteen". That work? Future teams are still in question.

Issue#4: Lieutenant Stepanik Reye-Bryan: The male characters were casted easy enough...(altough Robert Patrick as our good professor is still to be determined.) Michelle was initially the ideal portrayal of the character, but while she has the conflicted military persona and dry wit that I'm looking for, the maternal side is still in question. I could be wrong, but she doesn't exactly exude a maternal flavor. I'm sure it's there somewhere, but not in large enough doses.

Another actress has been (how I love this production lingo) "contacted" regarding the role. Kari Wuhrer, best known from Sliders, CSI (Miami and the original), Anaconda, General Hospital. Her military persona portrayal is still in question, but she does have that maternal aspect I'm looking for.

Stay tuned for news on this casting.

Well, that's all for now!

- Marian