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The Birth of an Idea [Sep. 6th, 2006|03:16 pm]
Stargate: Terra-15


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So, I've had an idea for a Stargate spinoff in my head for a few months. There was never anything definite, just a vauge image of an unlikely team in an unlikely setting with a different purpose than you usually find on Stargate, and with a few of the classic SG1/SGA baddies, plus some original ones.

I wasn't actually going to do anything at all, I was just going to start writing and probably let it peter out along the way, never tell anyone because I'm one of those writers that's afraid to show anyone their work, but I started really liking some of the ideas and characters and I thought, hey, Stargate Horizon and Stargate Destiny worked. Why can't I give it a go?

Below is a story summery and the current main cast of characters - with as few spoilers as possible. Please, please feel free to point any discrepancies, plot-holes, cheesy stuff or anything else that doesn't make sense. I really need to know what works for potential "audience" veiwers and what doesn't. Some things I'd like to know, does the story interest you? Do the characters pique your imagination? Do you care about the characters or the story? Is the political angle convoluted and/or confusing? Did I misspell something or use it in the wrong context?

To be clear, this series (the name for the moment is just Terra-15, working title) is a little differnt than most Stargate-ey ideas. Humans + Big Honkin' Space Ships won't be a big issue for awhile, as it wasn't when SG-1 began. It's a bit Battlestar Galactica-ey, due to the fact that this team doesn't really have a home to go back to. They'll be very Lost in Space for awhile, having adventures and things. I'm trying to make it a little different, mezzo?

Story Summary: It's the late 2080ies. Earth has been colonized by an extraterrestrial force which holds humankind under its military rule. In the wake of civil rebellion, regional war, and attempts by the government to squash human resistance, former doctor Ryan Cage discovers rare documents classified by the government, detailing a project involving an extraterrestrial travel device which may be the cause -- and cure of the disastrous situation on Earth. Gradually, a new team is formed, Terra-15, comprised of an unlikely group of 4 who seek adventure, intelligent life elsewhere, confidence in themselves, and most of all, freedom and true sovereignty for the people of Earth.

Story: Earth. The late 2080ies. Everything is different now; the world has undergone a drastic change since the last time the Stargate was activated. The population is not just human now. Since an incident in the late 2020ies, no longer are earth-men the sole inhabitants of earth.

They say the Others came in thousands, descending from the sky in huge ships and flooding out of a cave in an area of Colorado in battalions. They called themselves Jaffa, alien warriors from another world. The Jaffa conquered our world and made it their own. They bred among humans, hybridizing slowly, over the decades. They regarded themselves as higher than our race and subverted mankind under their rule, forming what they called a Sovereign Planetary Government and installing Military Rule. They split the continents into many different regions, segregating men according to their age and genetic makeup. Hybrid Generals were assigned to a certain region – categorized as numbered Sectors – and given full sovereignty over them.

In Human Regions, the people there were subjected to curfews, tight restrictions and complete military control. In Hybrid Regions, the story was different. The Hybrids had no camaraderie with the humans whose blood they share, and support for the Military Sovereignty was complete.

Naturally, the humans rebelled against The Sovereignty, and formed miscellaneous rebellion coalitions, known among Hybrids and those who support the government as Insurgent Cells – or else in the Goa’uld language, Shol’va. To control the rebellion, the government gave orders to the Generals of the Human Regions to seek out these rebellion cells and neutralize them at any cost. During all this, tensions rose between human and hybrid groups, both who think the other should vacate the land they reside on.

Human ingenuity/curiosity being what it is, many former human scholars, scientists, and those folks who just-wanted-to-know banded together, collecting information about the past which had – by the government – been outlawed, classified and/or was on the verge of destruction, hoping to find some sort of upper hand against their oppressors buried in the things that the Military Sovereignty didn't want them to see. Former Professor Ryan Cage was one of those curious people, and his curiosity led to an interesting discovery. A military project that lasted some number of years into the early 2000's, involving an extraterrestrial space travel device called The Stargate.

Main Characters:
Major Anthony Michael McLeod - portrayed by Michael Weatherly
Michael (as he is often called instead of his first name) was a Special Forces Captain with a good reputation among his fellow officials. Like the majority of the military units in many regions, he is a Hybrid. He was part of the 1st Battalion during the Coffee Rebellion, when the farmers there refused to surrender their lands and tradable goods, and took up arms. Taking on the tactical role of Shock Troopers, the 1st Regiment breached their defenses and took the area by force. During this mission, doubts began to grow in Michael’s mind about his life, and mission as a soldier of The Sovereignty.

Gradually becoming dissatisfied and disgusted with his government, Michael becomes infatuated with a human woman, Stepanik Reye-Bryan, a former Marine Second Lieutenant who became affiliated with an underground rebellion movement called “The Raspberry Contingent”. Also involved with the movement is a prominent Scholar named Ryan Cage. As Michaels involvement with The Raspberry Contingent grows, he becomes involved with a plot against General Cartwright and Sector Fifteen's military base, which ends with the arrest and imprisonment of him and Stepanik, and their eventual dishonorable discharge.

Second Lieutenant Stepanik Reye-Bryan - portrayed by Victoria Pratt
Lieutenant Reye-Bryan was the Commanding Officer of the 103rd Civilian Security Regiment in Hexigan City. She is the step-daughter of General Cartwright, and is human. Against his wishes, seeing as the military can be hard on females and humans, she enlisted in the Marines, and quickly became a proficient tactical leader. She was put in charge of a civilian guard squadron where she became secretly involved with and married one of the officers under her command. Months later, their relationship would be put out in the open.

Having been both (herself and her husband) dismissed from the guard, Stepanik tried to settle down as a civilian. Unbeknownst to her, her husband had become involved in a rebellion cell. She didn't approve, but there was nothing she could say to change her husband's thoughts. During a military crackdown on the cell he was involved with, he was shot and killed. When Stepanik found out what happened, she blamed her father, left the Guard and estranged herself from him.

She dedicated herself to the cause her husband had died for and during her involvement with The Raspberry Contingent, became involved pseudo-romantically with Michael McLeod.

Dr. Ryan Cage - portrayed by - Robert Patrick
Professor Ryan Cage was the former Senior Administrator of the Basinger Library of Records. He holds a PhD in Archeology, Linguistics and is knowledgeable in operational military tactics.

Dr. Cage was a prominent professor at one of the last remaining public community colleges before the military shut it down for financial reasons. After that, he taught military enlistees on various subjects regarding diplomacy, cultural affairs, language and anthropology.

An outspoken opponent of what he considers a fascist, totalitarian military rule, Dr. Cage, with the help of some friends, founded The Olive Branch (which would later became The Raspberry Contingent), a foundation which attempted to bring Hybrids and Humans to peaceful ground and help them understand each other. The Olive Branch wasn't received kindly by either side. The Hybrids were stubborn and most of the humans thought he was full of crap. He attempted to spread its words among the military students he taught, but threats from students abounded before he was finally forced to tender his resignation.

During and after all this, he had been investigating documents sent to him regularly from an anonymous source detailing the missions of a past military project called The Stargate Project. His investigation into the project brought him to discover that the Stargate which had, since the late 2030ies, been decommissioned, was now in storage in an unknown bunker. His objective slowly diverted from diplomacy between regions, to finding the Stargate, for human hope, as well as scientific purposes.

Erik the First (A.K.A Erik X) - portrayed by Tahmoh Penikett
Upon their first tryst off-world, Terra-15 encounters the Ja’nonian people of the world Thiad on a continent of that world which the Ja’nonians call The Fifth Quadrant. The Ja’nonians are highly developed scientists and military people with a culture similar to that of the Romans and certain militarily advanced African tribes. Among their many projects is a child who they name Erik the First or Erik X. He is the prize creation of a group of scientists who claim that he is the culmination of their rapid growth/cloning endeavors. They hope to breed millions of rapidly developing Super Soldiers like him with which to defend their country, and to trade with other war-lords.

Stepanik, seeing her own little boy in young Erik, becomes attached to him and kidnaps him against the will of the scientists, her opinion being that she doesn't want to see him grow up into some kind of killing machine. By not being given the serum required to advance his already quite rapid growth, the child – by the end of the episode he is introduced in – is an earth equivalent of his early 20ies.

The knowledge of battle is built naturally into his mind – as it will be all those that come after him, and also, an unfortunate characteristic – he takes orders from whoever issues them. This is a built in trait that he gradually grows out of as he comes to see Stepanik as a mother figure, and the two men as trustworthy family members.

Major General Robert "Bobby" Cartwright - portrayed by John Savage
General Cartwright commands Sector Fifteen, which on modern maps, would used to have been called New Mexico. He is -- like all the Generals of all existing regions -- a hybrid. Generals, like him, are usually men who are said to have a close connection to their pure Jaffa descendants.

Although he is a hybrid, General Cartwright has no ill feelings towards humans. He doesn't approve of what his government does, but to speak out about it would be too damning for a man in his position. After they attempted to disable a Sector Fifteen military establishment and raid it for weapons and resources, General Cartwright was forced to incarcerate Major McLeod, Lieutenant Reye-Bryan along with their Raspberry Contingent accomplices. Being friends with both of the officers made it a difficult thing for him to do, but General Cartwright keeps up appearances at all times, so as not to invoke the wrath of the S.P.G., and get himself de-commissioned or possibly imprisoned.

General Cartwright refuses Terra-15's Stargate idea adamantly at first, horrified at such a dangerous and mutinous idea, and even threatens to have them locked up again, if not for theirs, then his own safety. But eventually, against his better judgment, he allows them and a supporting squad a period of time during which, they will try to find a way to get enough proof of intelligent life elsewhere, and perhaps weaponry, so that they can arouse up enough confidence among their own people and their supporters, and stage a real revolt against The Sovereignty.

[User Picture]From: jazmin22
2006-09-06 11:28 pm (UTC)
Ok, you definitely have me intrigued. I like the premise of the story a lot.

The concept of the Erik X character looks very interesting and I really would like to see how it plays out.

I read the summary for Second Lieutenant Stepanik Reye-Bryan, and I kind of hope that the talks don't work out. I am sorry but to be truthful, I don't see Michelle Rodrigez fitting into this role right. That's just my opinion.
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[User Picture]From: firstanointed
2006-09-07 03:27 pm (UTC)
I honestly don't see MR as Stepanik either. That's the character I've been having the toughest time casting. I need someone with a bit more of a maternal quality...
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