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Time for an Update! [Sep. 19th, 2006|01:34 pm]
Stargate: Terra-15

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Time for an update. Work on the Pilot episodes outlines is still in progress. It's going well, if I do say so. It's certain that on their first tryst offworld, Terra-15 will find an offworld base of types. It isn't just going to be Anthony, Stepanik and Ryan, however. A few supporting characters have been added to the mix. Nothing's definite, but Alex Zahara and Andromeda's Keith Hamilton Cobb are currently in talks for one or more of those roles. At the moment, all we know about the supporting cast are names, which I will divulge:

Lt. Colonel Julius Maxwell: This character will have major conflict with Anthony. He's the leader of his own team and kind of an asshole.

Major Dana Talbot: She's the real "Carter" of Col. Maxwell's team.

Captain Katarina Durand

Captain Ian "The Canon" Buchanan: Gum, guts, guns and attitude. This guy will be the personification of "Backup". Also some conflict with Stepanik.

Dr. Stephanie Angelica Mcbride: Medical personnell. 'nuff said.

It's a big team, but one that'll be necessary for Terra-15 to stand any kind of chance out there in the big scary universe. They're basically muscle, but their backstories definitely won't be ignored.

A few comments on the offworld base idea: It's of alien origin, obviously, not Ancient, but it hasa lot of similiarities to Ancient design. All I know at the moment concerning the origin of it's builders is that they were a part of the Four Great Races. It's going to be a place that's been abandoned. A bit like Atlantis, but very different. For one: It's landlocked. Two: it's a place that when it's found, will be in a bad state of decommision. They'll basically have to pretty things up by themselves. Some things inside won't be salvagable - some will, but they'll have help getting around because, hey, sometimes builders leave things behind, right? I'm not sure on the design, I think I'll leave that up to some imaginative concept artist. But these are the basic things about it. Defense systems and vehicles will definitely figure into the structure. Again - up to concept designers.

That's all for now. Gotta get back to episode writing.
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Pre-Production Issues [Sep. 7th, 2006|01:50 pm]
Stargate: Terra-15

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So, it's a week or two into this and I haven't lost interest. Good sign! The main issues at the moment are writing the treatment for the pilot episode, making the summery concise and casting Stepanik.

Issue#1 - The Treatment: I had originally decided that the pilot would be a two parter. I'm sure if this idea will stay, but I may still go with it because the Stargate does not become a huge issue until about the second or third episode. The pilot will focus very much on introducing our characters, and within their sub-plots, the Stargate will slowly come into play.

Another issue I'll tack in along with this is Spaceships. Everyone likes spaceships. The goal of Terra-15 is - like any SG team - to collect alien technology, but it will be for a slightly different purpose. I'm currently working with an idea of providing them with something of a Stargate equipped homebase, something like Atlantis.

Issue#2: The Summery: The summery has undergone more changes than my personal LJ layout. At first General Cartwright was a really evil nefarious guy who was out to punish Terra-15 for their mutiny against the government. It was even originally his base that they raided. I decided to make him more sympathetic because they need to have some friends somewhere, right? But he has the conflict of staying in good graces with his superiours, while secretly helping Terra-15.

Also, Terra-15 might not only be 4 shmoes out in space. There's an idea of General Cartwright providing them with a back-up team of sorts. Of course some will die, some will survive. The point is for our protagonists to not be entirely alone.

Issue#3: The Team Name: I had a hard time with this. I decided to go with Terra-15 to symbolize two things. One: Terra = Earth. A team for Earth, right? 15 = The number of their Sector. Basically, "Terra-15" amounts to "Earth Team from Sector Fifteen". That work? Future teams are still in question.

Issue#4: Lieutenant Stepanik Reye-Bryan: The male characters were casted easy enough...(altough Robert Patrick as our good professor is still to be determined.) Michelle was initially the ideal portrayal of the character, but while she has the conflicted military persona and dry wit that I'm looking for, the maternal side is still in question. I could be wrong, but she doesn't exactly exude a maternal flavor. I'm sure it's there somewhere, but not in large enough doses.

Another actress has been (how I love this production lingo) "contacted" regarding the role. Kari Wuhrer, best known from Sliders, CSI (Miami and the original), Anaconda, General Hospital. Her military persona portrayal is still in question, but she does have that maternal aspect I'm looking for.

Stay tuned for news on this casting.

Well, that's all for now!

- Marian
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The Birth of an Idea [Sep. 6th, 2006|03:16 pm]
Stargate: Terra-15

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So, I've had an idea for a Stargate spinoff in my head for a few months. There was never anything definite, just a vauge image of an unlikely team in an unlikely setting with a different purpose than you usually find on Stargate, and with a few of the classic SG1/SGA baddies, plus some original ones.

I wasn't actually going to do anything at all, I was just going to start writing and probably let it peter out along the way, never tell anyone because I'm one of those writers that's afraid to show anyone their work, but I started really liking some of the ideas and characters and I thought, hey, Stargate Horizon and Stargate Destiny worked. Why can't I give it a go?

Below is a story summery and the current main cast of characters - with as few spoilers as possible. Please, please feel free to point any discrepancies, plot-holes, cheesy stuff or anything else that doesn't make sense. I really need to know what works for potential "audience" veiwers and what doesn't. Some things I'd like to know, does the story interest you? Do the characters pique your imagination? Do you care about the characters or the story? Is the political angle convoluted and/or confusing? Did I misspell something or use it in the wrong context?

To be clear, this series (the name for the moment is just Terra-15, working title) is a little differnt than most Stargate-ey ideas. Humans + Big Honkin' Space Ships won't be a big issue for awhile, as it wasn't when SG-1 began. It's a bit Battlestar Galactica-ey, due to the fact that this team doesn't really have a home to go back to. They'll be very Lost in Space for awhile, having adventures and things. I'm trying to make it a little different, mezzo?

Story Summary: It's the late 2080ies. Earth has been colonized by an extraterrestrial force which holds humankind under its military rule. In the wake of civil rebellion, regional war, and attempts by the government to squash human resistance, former doctor Ryan Cage discovers rare documents classified by the government, detailing a project involving an extraterrestrial travel device which may be the cause -- and cure of the disastrous situation on Earth. Gradually, a new team is formed, Terra-15, comprised of an unlikely group of 4 who seek adventure, intelligent life elsewhere, confidence in themselves, and most of all, freedom and true sovereignty for the people of Earth.

Read the extended summery...Collapse )

Main Characters:
Major Anthony Michael McLeod - portrayed by Michael Weatherly
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Second Lieutenant Stepanik Reye-Bryan - portrayed by Victoria Pratt
Read more...Collapse )

Dr. Ryan Cage - portrayed by - Robert Patrick
Read more...Collapse )

Erik the First (A.K.A Erik X) - portrayed by Tahmoh Penikett
Read more...Collapse )

Major General Robert "Bobby" Cartwright - portrayed by John Savage
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